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renderings by Artur Stashkevitsh

an economic catalyst for the city of detroit


with distinction


studio hani rashid

university of applied arts vienna

jury: hani rashid, greg lynn, kazuyo sejima, bryan cody, sanford kwinter, klaus bollinger, elena manferdini, matthias böckl, karin raith

Besides challenging the environmental consequences of the steadily growing consumer society and its insatiableness appetite for meat, the project tries to challenge the haze of misconception which is enwrapping today’s society with prejudice and disorientation regarding what healthy food is. It creates an interface between the city and the industrial food production which helps to sensitize modern society concerning the potential in healthiness, economic and environmental prosperity that new technologies of food production incarnate.

So how will we eat in the future? And what will we eat, given the decreasing resources of our growth-driven society? Globalized food production is having a massive impact on climate change and the choices we make about how and what to eat help to shape the world’s food system.

The fourth agricultural revolution is tackling these problems and trying to find a way how to lead humanity out of its bad situation, caused by the generations of revolutions before.

Based on these ideas the project is bringing urban agriculture and food production back into the city, where most of our food is consumed. Not only to reduce the environmental consequences, but also to intensify the relationship between product and consumer again.

It is proposing a local food-hub in the city of Detroit, where artificial meat is produced, processed, distributed, stored, sold and consumed. The product is growing via a vertical assembly-line that stretches through the whole building and is defining a hierarchy of spaces. On the one hand the meat will be sold on a public market, next to fresh vegetables and fruits coming from the surrounding urban farms. On the other hand, it can be used by the kitchen incubators, small shared commercial kitchens, that are then selling their products at pop-up-restaurants. Altogether, the project is aiming to make a major contribution to the long recovering-process of Detroit’s economy.


Anerkennungspreis der Stadt Wien
UnIATA - Best in Region Award - Europe and Russia
Publication on Suckerpunchdaily
THE ESSENCE, Annual Exhibition of DieAngewandte, Vienna
3D Hubs Student Grant, Finalist
One Drawing Challenge - Best 100 Drawings